Cleveland State University has been a member of the Cleveland 2030 District since 2014. We are pleased to continue to count them as partners in our journey to more efficient operations. The building and portfolio performance reports provided by C2030D offer regular insights into the progress we're making toward our energy and water conservation goals. Both the sustainability office and the utilities management team benefit from the detailed analysis provided for each building, and the bench-marking data has aided the process of developing a campus-wide sustainability strategy. 

In addition to supporting operational efficiencies, our partnership has allowed us to offer a range of real-world experiences to our engineering students. The CSU Department of Mechanical Engineering, in collaboration with the Cleveland 2030 District, has trained students to conduct ASHRAE Level 2 energy audits. Students then provided audits, performance reports, and recommendations to non-profits and small businesses who otherwise may not have had the budget to hire outside consultants. Additionally, our Facilities Services department provides a work experience opportunity to an engineering student every year to input utility data into the EPA's Portfolio Manager for District reporting purposes. 

We greatly value the support offered by C2030D and appreciate knowing that our work is part of a greater effort across Cleveland to reach collective sustainability and efficiency goals. 

Jennifer McMillan

Director of Sustainabilty, Cleveland State University

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It is said that knowledge is power. Becoming a Cleveland 2030 Property Adopter has provided me with information on my property that has helped us perform better, more efficiently, and to reduce cost. I encourage everyone within the Cleveland 2030 District to join and continue the region’s efforts at world class performance. Easy to do, easy to maintain, and FREE!

Ron Stupka, Director of Office Services
Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP

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The Cleveland 2030 District actually grew out of the City’s Sustainable Cleveland initiative, and we were proud to become the first participating Property Adopter. The District is expert in managing and benchmarking data, which is crucial for any organization looking to reduce energy and water costs. Their perspective and semi-annual reports are critical to the City in analyzing our portfolio of properties and identifying opportunities for savings. To say the least, I recommend building owners consider joining the District.

Matthew Gray
Chief of Sustainability, City of Cleveland, Office of Sustainability

Matt Gray


AM Higley supports the Cleveland 2030 District as a Professional Partner but we are also a participating Property Adopter. We find the semi annual building performance reports we receive to be very valuable. They provide energy and water use trends and an analysis of our building which tracks how the building has been performing historically and the next best steps for efficiency projects. The reports also measure savings after an energy project has been completed. We post the report’s graphs in our lunchroom to inform and engage employees on our energy and water efficiency progress.

In our last report, one of the graphs reflecting our natural gas usage clearly showed an unknown activity where we were using gas during the summer for the first time in recorded history (an increase in gas use of 35% for the year.) As a result, some easy investigations revealed a change in annual procedures overlooked shutting the gas off as one of our practices. We quickly rectified the situation and made it part of our ongoing annual maintenance program.

We encourage all Downtown and University Circle properties to participate in the 2030 District and help Cleveland become a more sustainable and resilient city.

Rex Lewers, Vice President
AM Higley

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We joined the Cleveland 2030 District to be part of the movement to create a more sustainable built environment in Cleveland. We have been renovating our building and the District connected us to Professional Partners who provided quotes and service for the several projects we have underway. C2030D is a trusted partner and we recommend any property owner in the District’s footprint to join. Together we can make a difference.

David Lazor

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As part of our focus on sustainability, Cuyahoga County joined the Cleveland 2030 District. They've become a valued partner. The semi-annual building performance reports they prepare allow us to better understand how our buildings are performing and where we should focus our attention for cost saving opportunities. Their Professional Partners provide a wealth of knowledge and discounted services, making it easier for Cleveland buildings to implement efficiency projects. We are fortunate to have an organization like the Cleveland 2030 District helping create an efficient built environment, driving economic development and sustainability in Cleveland.

Mike Foley Director of Sustainability
Cuyahoga County


Shanelle Smith Deputy Director of Sustainability
Cuyahoga County



As a non-profit, American Cancer Society Hope Lodge appreciates the value of the Cleveland 2030 District.  The building performance reports provided by the District allow us to track our energy and water consumption, gives us a wealth of information about how our building is performing and what our operating costs are.  From these reports, the data allows us to make decisions about the best next steps to implement projects that can reduce our costs and make us more efficient.  With limited staff, this is a valuable resource.  They have also ensured we are aware of all rebates available to us, local grants to help implement projects and they connect members to professionals who can assist in creating a plan and implementing projects.  We're proud to be a member of the Cleveland 2030 District.

Racheal Warner

Manager, Hope Lodge


Racheal Warner


The 2030 District has provided invaluable information to help us understand where we can improve our efficiency, including service providers to help us tackle identified needs. We are so grateful for both their hard data and their thoughtful guidance.

Reverend Amy Starr Redwine Pastor and Head of Staff
Church of the Covenant