Green Building Challenge 2020

The Cleveland 2030 District holds an annual friendly Green Building Challenge in collaboration with USGBC Ohio, Northeast Region.  

We use Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) to collect and analyze energy and water data. Originally, ESPM created the Energy Use Intensity (EUI is measured as kBtu/square foot/year) baseline using a 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey.  They updated baseline calculations using a 2012 survey.  The 2030 Districts use ZeroTool to recreate the 2003 baseline to remain consistent in the challenge year over year. 

The Water Use Intensity score (total water consumption/square foot/year) baseline is set by using the building's own 2010 water use provided by Cleveland Water, or, in buildings built after 2010, we use thier earliest full year of data.

We collect data from commuters in member buildings every other year.  Our most recent transportation survey was at the end of 2020.  Because of the pandemic, we collected monthly data to analyze its impact on commuting patterns and emissions. We measure baseline transportation emissions (CO2/commuter/year) using the 2001 National Household Travel Survey.

Since the pandemic affected buildings differently depending on use type and occupancy variables, we measured the challenge this year based on data through Q1 2020.  

We measured reduction in EUI, WUI, and reduction in commuter transportation emissions, each in three categories:

Over 50% reduction from baseline

40-49% reduction from baseline

30-39%  reduction from baseline

2020 Green Building Challenge Winners.png