Green Building Challenge 2014


The 2014 Green Building Challenge is a program of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the United States Green Building Council presented in collaboration with the Cleveland 2030 District

Presented as a series of four events throughout 2014, the Green Building Challenge educates building owners and operators on the benefits of green building practices, provides guidance on creating an ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, and celebrates reductions in energy use related to past energy retrofit projects completed in Northeast Ohio.  

Property owners, property managers and developers submit past projects for measurement and verification of energy savings against performance baselines, and awards will be given out in several categories to those who have achieved significant savings. Property owners, managers and developers who would like to learn about energy efficiency but do not wish to participate in the scored Challenge are also welcome to attend.

The entire series is structured on the overall process of optimizing building energy performance: evaluating facility performance (ASSESS), setting goals and creating an action plan (TARGET), implementation of energy conservation measures (DELIVER), and measurement/verification of savings (MEASURE). Each event will be focused on a different phase of the energy management program and will be held from 7:30a - 10:00a on the following dates, with breakfast and registration from 7:30a - 8:00a [click the date for event details]:

Download the following presentations:

ASSESS Presentation:

DELIVER Presentation: 

MEASURE Presentations: