Experts Say Cincinnati Is Making Strides In Sustainable Development – Here's Why

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Source: Michael Monks, WVXU

Date: February 8, 2021

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Cincinnati Police Department's new District 3 police station is a sustainable, LEED platinum building


Cincinnati punches above its weight when it comes to cities working on making their built environments more ecologically friendly and sustainable, local experts say. 

What's more, big issues in Cincinnati, like historic preservation and affordable housing, aren't the barriers to developing sustainably you might think they would be. Some of Cincinnati's challenges and strong points are actually a boon for green building and renovation if approached the right way, experts say. 

Joining Cincinnati Edition are Green Umbrella 2030 District Director Elizabeth Rojas,  Green Building Consulting President Paul Yankie and SHP Sustainability Director and past Cincinnati AIA President Allison Beer McKenzie.