Join Us

Who can be a member? Anyone! 

Are you a property owner, manager, engineer, or other responsible building staff interested in efficiency? Are you located within the downtown district boundary? You are a building member. Membership is free with submission of your address, square footage, and logo to the District Director. You also commit to tracking your building data in Portfolio Manager and sharing with the Austin 2030 District for an annual, aggregate performance measure. Take advantage throughout the year of additional resources and opportunities to improve the performance of your building. 

Are you a nonprofit or utility that shares our priorities on environmental conservation, emissions reduction, or building efficiency? You are a community member. You do not have to be physically located in the District. Membership is free with submission of your name and logo to the District Director. You commit to boosting the social signal for the District by sharing information with your members and providing expertise and other local resources to other members. 

Are you a vendor or consultant for downtown commercial buildings? You are a professional member. You do not have to be physically located in the District. Membership is a moderate annual fee based on the number of employees at your company, comparable to a marketing campaign or local charitable donation. You commit to providing expert advice, resources, and support to District members. Contact us with questions and to receive a membership fee quote.

About Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a way to ensure the overall growth and prosperity of the District. Sponsorships renew annually and ensure ongoing recognition of your company in social media and at all events. Contact us to learn more.