new Leadership Council elected

In December, the Founding Membership of Ann Arbor's Emerging 2030 District elected their first Leadership Council.

  • Property Owner representatives
    • Mark Melchi, MAVD
    • Ed Shaffran, Shaffran Companies
    • Neal Warling, JLL
    • Irwin Weingarten, QR Management
  • Professional Stakeholder representatives
    • Jan Culbertson, A3C
    • Gretchen Waters, Washtenaw Contractors Association
  • Community Stakeholder representative
    • Josh MacDonald, City of Ann Arbor Sustainability

Their first meeting is January 18th where they will complete the application to officially establish Ann Arbor's 2030 District, initiate assistance to property owners in tracking their energy use for reporting in aggregation, and form committees to streamline improvements and expand participation (membership) in the reaching the goals.

Anyone wishing to reduce Ann Arbor's GHG emissions through improvements in the commercial building sector should join the District membership and is encouraged to actively participate in an area of personal interest or expertise.