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11 June 2021 - 9:04am

U of M Commits to Carbon Neutrality Universitywide!

UM President Schlissel announced at a Board of Regents meeting, that U of M is accepting the report of the President's Commission on Carbon Neutrality, and will begin implementing it's recommendations.   Click here to read the full article.

19 February 2019 - 12:47pm

new 2019 Leadership Council elected

In December, the Leadership Council of the Ann Arbor 2030 District offered a slate for the 2019 election. In January, the AA2030 membership elected the following: Property Owner representatives Mark Melchi, MAVD Neal Warling, JLL Irwin

3 January 2018 - 2:14pm

new Leadership Council elected

In December, the Founding Membership of Ann Arbor's Emerging 2030 District elected their first Leadership Council. Property Owner representatives Mark Melchi, MAVD Ed Shaffran, Shaffran Companies Neal Warling, JLL Irwin Weingarten, QR

25 July 2017 - 1:27pm

Call For Presentations

A2 2030 event call FINAL052217.pdf A2 2030 event call FINAL052217.pdf, by bbona  

14 June 2017 - 5:41pm

CONCENTRATE New Ann Arbor 2030 district will cut energy use in half for participating properties

An effort to establish a collaborative, energy-saving district among Ann Arbor's commercial properties is moving forward with plans to launch by the end of the year. 2-15-2017

14 June 2017 - 5:38pm

MLIVE Ann Arbor property owners to start energy-saving 2030 District

An energy-saving movement that already boasts strongholds in cities like Seattle, Cleveland and Los Angeles looks to be on its way to Ann Arbor. 2-13-2017

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