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The Ann Arbor 2030 District is a private-sector led effort utilizing collaboration, incentives, and shared resources to prove the business case for sustainability.



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  • Energy Use50% reduction by 2030*
  • Water Use50% reduction by 2030**
  • Transportation CO2e50% reduction by 2030***


  • Energy Use: carbon neutral by 2030
  • Water Use: immediate 50% reduction**
  • Transportation CO2e: immediate 50% reduction***


Actual use verified and collectively measured against 2000 / 2010 baseline for all properties within District boundary. Intermediate targets for 2020 and 2025 are shown in charts (above).
energy use below National Median (roughly to an ENERGY STAR score of 50), calcualted by using the 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)
** water use below District Average
*** transportation CO2e below District Average
If you would like join the 2030 District in Ann Arbor, keep reading to find out how through membership and sponsorship!



The 2030 District in Ann Arbor will be a groundbreaking high performance building district that aims to dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of building construction and operations, while maximizing Ann Arbor's economic viability and profitability for building owners, managers and developers.

Membership in Ann Arbor's 2030 District involves a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to meet the District goals

There are three types of memberships.  

  • Property Owners, Managers and Developers
  • Community Stakeholders
  • Professional Stakeholders

Everyone wanting to become a member must fill out and send back a "Letter of Commitment". In the "Letter of Commitment" form, you express how your company's / organization's will commit and help be an active partner in the Ann Arbor 2030 District and agree to the district-wide goals. The "Letter of Commitment" will have more infomation about that type of membership. 


To find out what type of membership you fall into please read about each type below.


Property Owners, Managers and Developers


Who can be a Property Owners, Managers and Developers Member?

An individual or entity that owns, manages, and/or develops real estate within a 2030 District boundary.

Property owners will not be required to achieve the goals of the District by legislative mandates, or as individual buildings. Rather, we will do so collectively because full participation in the Ann Arbor 2030 District brings collaboration, shared resources, and financing options that will make high-performance buildings the most profitable building type in Ann Arbor.

Property Owners, Managers and Developers Members join at no cost.

To read and fill out the Property Owners, Managers and Developers Member Commitment Letter, click the link below.


Community Stakeholders

Community Stakeholder

Who can be a Community Stakeholder Member?

A non-profit, government entity, or community organization. Examples of a Community Stakeholder include industry and/or professional organizations, local green building councils/USGBC chapters, city, county, and state agencies, and community groups.

Community Stakeholder Members join at no cost.

To read and fill out the Community Stakeholder Member Commitment Letter, click the link below.


Professional Stakeholders

Professional Stakeholder

Who can be a Professional Stakeholder Member?

An individual or entity that provides services within a 2030 District boundary. Examples include architects, engineers, energy services companies (ESCOs), utilities, and contractors.

Professional Stakeholders Membership fee is $350/Year.

To read and fill out the Professional Stakeholder Member Commitment Letter, click the link below.



You can sponsor the distrit too! There are 4 levels of sponsorship, each one has Supporter Benefits!

Details of the levels and details coming soon!



For any inquiries about the 2030 District in Ann Arbor or to send your "Letter of Commitment" to join us, Email . We hope to hear from you soon!

After the Ann Arbor's 2030 District official launch in November 2017, the commitment requirements and benefits for new members will be adjusted annually.