Ann Arbor 2030 District ... established in 2018!

Would you like to be involved in a unique private-public partnership that brings together property owners, local governments, businesses and community stakeholders to work towards a common goal of reducing the environmental impact from building construction and operations?



What is a 2030 District?

  • 2030 Districts® are private public partnerships forming throughout America to meet the energy, water and vehicle emissions targets for existing and new buildings set forth by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning and Buildings.
  • A 2030 District® offers building owners, property managers and developers the tools to achieve reduced energy, water and transportation (CO2) emissions.
  • The Ann Arbor 2030 District is one of 22 Districts across North America and one of three Districts in MIichigan.

2030 District Goals

  • Existing buildings: 50% reduction in energy and water use, and transportation emissions.
  • New construction will be carbon neutral.

What is the commitment?

  • Supporting the 2030 District® goals.
  • Sharing best practices and building usage data.
  • Participating in programs to reduce GHG emissions from buildings.

What are the benefits for Members?

  • Aggregated reporting and analytics.
  • Awareness and educational tools.
  • Avenue for sharing best practices.
  • Collective voice and bargaining.

Buildings are Targeted Because:

  • Buildings account for nearly half of all energy consumed.
  • 75% of all electricity produced is used to operate buildings.
  • Nearly 50% of C02 emissions come from buildings.
  • Building growth is expected in Ann Arbor.
  • A healthy building sector is important to a healthy economy.