Thank you for your interest in joining the Seattle 2030 District. This is a collaborative effort, and we need the participation of all stakeholders who work in the built environment in order to achieve our ambitious energy, water and transportation goals.

We have recently determined that adding a solid, predictable base of membership support to sponsorship and fundraising will allow for the Seattle 2030 District to continue fulfilling its mission to make Seattle more livable in 2030 and beyond, and work towards climate stabilization, clean water and a robust local economy.   

We have a unique value proposition in that we convene diverse stakeholders, broker strategic partnerships, and provide a voice for property firms and professional companies in advocating for public policies that accelerate a high performance built environment.

We are confident that you will see value in joining the Seattle 2030 District and receiving the many benefits of membership, including:

  • Resources that reduce costs and increase value and competitiveness
  • Industry knowledge that adds value to member organizations
  • Access to Seattle 2030 District programs, tools and technical assistance

We are asking members to support the organization with an annual fee based on membership type and organization size.

Membership Category

Member Size/Type

Annual Membership Fee

Property Stakeholder Developer, Owner, Manager


Small less than 500k SF*





Professional Stakeholder




Small 5 or fewer employees


Community Stakeholder



* Under development/ownership/management within the Seattle 2030 District boundary


As you consider joining, we would like to share with you the major accomplishments over the past year:

  • Moved Seattle closer to adopting a new program of incentives in exchange for green investments in existing buildings that will result in reaching our 2030 goals.
  • Engaged with the Belltown neighborhood to identify green stormwater management opportunities that will prevent more polluted stormwater run-off from entering Puget Sound and serve as a model for community action elsewhere in the city.
  • Launched a new tenant program to help businesses use less energy and water, and encourage their employees to commute with fewer carbon emissions, thus contributing to building owners and managers’ achievement of the 2030 goals.
  • Supported electrified public transit, in backing Sound Transit 3, and promoted EV charging stations.

Looking ahead, we will be:

  • Promoting district energy as a 100-year old solution that has new resonance in a carbon-constrained world where otherwise wasted heat can be captured and used efficiently by nearby facilities.
  • Releasing a new guide to meeting the 2030 Challenge to educate our membership and community.
  • Expanding the power of the 2030 Challenge to targeted growth around transit hubs like the U-District and Northgate where density leads to greater vitality and sustainability.

A description of membership benefits can be found here.

To see the membership commitment letters click here.

Please contact us with any questions about membership at