Funding Opportunities

The Pittsburgh 2030 District has compiled the following services and benefits for District Partners. The District and its convener, Green Building Alliance, build on strategic partnerships to leverage and/or create additional services, tools, and support that District Partners need to accomplish the 2030 Challenge goals.

Worried about upfront cost? There are incentive programs available that can make upgrading a building more affordable.

The Pittsburgh 2030 District is also working to centralize and streamline information about financing incentives and opportunities for District Partners. These opportunities may be made available through Community or Resource Partners, local utilities, or yet-to-be developed financing mechanisms. Pittsburgh 2030 District Property Partners are highly encouraged to take advantage of existing utility incentives, which helps utilities reach their state level reduction goals and reduces time and resources spent on recruitment for these programs.

The financing opportunities listed here may be changed from time to time by the organization administering the program. Please check with the listed organization to verify program availability and requirements.


Duquesne Light WATT CHOICES

WATT CHOICES helps customers conserve energy and reduce demand while lowering their electricity costs. It provides rebates and discounts on a wide range of energy-saving devices for commercial (and residential!) customers.


Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Finance (PennSEF)

PennSEF provides access to affordable financing to municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, and large nonprofits for projects that promote energy or water efficiency and clean energy generation, in addition to economic development and environmental responsibility. Interested candidates will benefit from a free preliminary audit and available technical and legal guidance, in addition to pre-vetted vendor lists and built-in savings verification. The program is a partnership between the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment, and the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund. Learn More


Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

Small Business Energy Savings Program - Low interest financing for energy efficiency improvements.