Pittsburgh 2030 District
3 August 2017 - 10:04am
The Pittsburgh 2030 District is seeking an intern for the fall semester. Check out GBA's website for complete information: Pittsburgh 2030 District Intern
Pittsburgh 2030 District
1 August 2017 - 12:38pm
The Energy Innovation Center hosted the July Partner Meeting for Pittsburgh 2030 District participants. Attendees heard from four of the District’s sponsors who highlighted recent projects and initiatives, giving Property Partners ideas to take back to their facilities. Click Here to Learn More
Detroit 2030 District
1 August 2017 - 10:16am
Visit this website to see suggestions on how to start a Green Team at your workplace. Motivate your colleagues and tenants to be proactive with energy saving strategies and sustainability programs.
Dallas 2030 District
31 July 2017 - 2:59pm
Welcome: Comerica Bank Tower Joins the Dallas 2030 District as a building owner. Adding over 1.5 million square feet to the District.
Stamford 2030 District
27 July 2017 - 12:00am
All-rounder always has her eyes on the wood and the trees BY REW  JULY 27, 2017 Caroline Vary’s career, based upon meaningful and socially responsible work, has spanned the course of two decades. Trained in design and architecture, Vary quickly developed the urge to create and transform...
Ann Arbor 2030 District
25 July 2017 - 1:27pm
A2 2030 event call FINAL052217.pdf, by bbona  
Cleveland 2030 District
17 July 2017 - 5:04am
Cleveland 2030 District is proud to welcome our newest member, Hunting Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovation.  The convention center offers 225,000 SF of exhibit space, 140,000 SF of meeting and event space and a 32,000 SF Grand Ballroom.  They can expertly handle anything from...
Seattle 2030 District
14 July 2017 - 8:59am
Media Release: For Immediate Release13th Annual Green Roof Industry Survey shows double-digit growth in 2016.Toronto pushes Washington, DC out of top spot for most green roofs installed. Toronto, ON - July 13, 2017 - Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), the North American green...
Pittsburgh 2030 District
13 July 2017 - 9:46am
The Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University hosted the June Partner Meeting for Pittsburgh 2030 District participants. Attendees heard from four presenters on a range of CMU projects and initiatives – from the work of the Scott Institute to new construction...
Portland, Maine 2030 District
6 July 2017 - 10:42am
New Downtown District Hopes to Improve Portland's Energy Efficiency By David Harry on October 25, 2016@DavidHarry8   PORTLAND — Vin Veroneau said he is not quite sure what to expect of the new Portland 2030 District, but is eager to see how it can affect his bottom line and the world...