Five federal buildings join Denver 2030 District

Denver 2030 District is thrilled to announce its newest, and first federal, member: the United States General Services Administration (GSA). GSA's Region 8 Downtown Denver Field Office brings a sizable portfolio of five federal office buildings and courthouses — totaling over two million square feet — into the District. The addition of the five GSA buildings increases Denver 2030 District's total committed square footage by 8%. GSA, the nation's largest landlord, feels it their civic and social responsibility to lead by example in the high-performance building sector, and as soon as they learned about Denver 2030 District, they were eager to join.

GSA is committed to high-performance building practices. They have strategically replaced building systems to enhance energy and water efficiency with great results. GSA is continually fine-tuning their operations via investigation by integrating their Building Management, Sustainability, and Energy Management Teams. Their Green Proving Ground program has been instrumental in developing and assessing emerging innovative technologies. Additionally, GSA has developed in-house certification programs for High-Performance Building and Occupant Health & Wellness, as well as their Resiliency program. 

GSA’s efforts are obviously working in these five buildings, as one has an Energy Star score in the high 80s and the other four in the 90s. For GSA, pursuing high-performance buildings makes economic sense and is a part of running a good, smart business. Minimizing costs through reducing resource consumption is an obvious win-win they continually pursue. According to GSA, everyone wants efficiency and property owners can't afford not to embrace high-performance buildings anymore.

GSA also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to add to the robust knowledge base of Denver 2030 District. GSA is excited to share its best practices and findings from testing innovative technology. And they are equally excited to learn new strategies, techniques, and emerging technologies from other members of Denver 2030 District.