About the Network

The Network

The 2030 Districts Network is a US registered 501 C3 non profit organization comprised of the Established 2030 Districts throughout the world.  Its mission is to develop and sustain local 2030 Districts as they empower and inspire their members and partners to achieve the 2030 Challenge goals.  The vision of the Network is to establish a global network of thriving high performance building districts and cities, uniting communities to catalyze transformation in the built environment and the role it plays in mitigating and adapting to climate change.  

Currently, the Network includes over 470 million sq feet of commercial real estate whose owners have committed to working to achieve the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planning goals to reduce resource use.  Over 1,000 organizations have agreed to be part of the Network and over 1800 buildings are committed.  The Network works with its members and partners to develop means to help the commercial real estate community overcome barriers to achieving the 2030 goals.  The organization is led by its CEO, Catherine Olteanu.

If your organization or your city is interested in being part of the Network, please use the Contact Us page or email us directly at info@2030districts.org


If you would like to financially support the Network through a sponsorship - please see this page

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The Network Board of Governors

The organization is governed by a Board of Governors chosen by the 2030 Districts.  Governors are committed to helping the Network, the Districts and their members succeed in achieving the Architecture 2030 goals for resource reduction.

Brett Phillips, Unico Properties, Board Chair

Jiri Skopek, JLL, Board Vice Chair

Tim Thiel, Covestro, LLC, Treasurer

Anna Siefken, Carnegie Mellon University, Secretary

Cindy Cicigoi, Cleveland 2030 District, At Large Exec Committee Member

Vincent Martinez, Architecture 2030, At Large Exec Committee Member

Catherine Olteanu, 2030 Network CEO


Emily Gordon, Stamford 2030 District

Tyler Harris, GSA

Jason Kobeda, Major League Baseball

Stan Lew, San Francisco 2030 District

Andrea Pinabell, Southface

Jon Utech, Cleveland Clinic

Jenita Warner, Eaton Corp.

Jill Zeigler, Brookfield Asset Management



Non Profit Governance

The 2030 Network is committed to be an organization which upholds the highest standards of corporate governance and expects all representatives of the organization to do the same.  

Below are corporate governance documents available for public viewing.

  • Public Reporting and Transparency Policy
  • Articles of Incorpration
  • Network By-Laws
  • Document Retention Policy
  • Equity Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Executive Compensation Policy